Green Team


Penmor is proud to be a leader in the movement toward environmentally responsible printing and plant operations.

Positive green initiatives have been put in place to minimize our impact on the environment and solidify our commitment to a cleaner industry. These initiatives include the use of vegetable based inks, installation of energy efficient lighting throughout our facility, and a program to recycle all of our paper waste.

Additionally, we have received FSC® certification. This certification indicates that Penmor supports the highest standards in the market of paper and printing process as put forth by the Forest Stewardship Council.

We continue to invest in new technologies as they become available and are proud to consider ourselves "green printers."

The following partnerships and practices have been implemented to date:

FSC - Forest Stewardship Council

FSC® - Forest Stewardship Council 
Penmor Lithographers is proud to be a team player in the chain-of-custody certification required by the Forest Stewardship Council. Customers of Penmor can be assured that any job printed on FSC paper may prominently display the FSC logo. (see copy of Penmor’s certification - download Acrobat Reader)

Elemental Chlorine Free
The "Elemental Chlorine Free" Logo stands for any printing and packaging papers that have been manufactured with virgin fiber. Customers are welcome to display the ECF logo on projects that have Been printed on ECF paper.

Process Chlorine Free
The "Process Chlorine Free" logo means that neither chlorine nor chlorine derivatives have been used in the manufacturing of that particular product. Penmor customers are encouraged to display the PCF logo on projects that are printed on PCF paper.

 Vegetable Based Ink 

Vegetable-based Inks
Penmor Lithographers is proud to use vegetable-based ink exclusively. Customers of Penmor are welcome to include the vegetable-based ink logo on any project.

Recycled paper 

Recycled Paper 
The Penmor customer is welcome to consider the use of recycled paper. Projects printed on recycled paper, or partially recycled paper, can display the valuable recycled paper symbol, which in turn, 
represents environmental responsibility.

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